Questionable Thesis 1

As part of my black belt requirements I pay a fee to my local teacher and one to the mothership. This isn't a big deal since »

Kata Learning Stages

Over the last decade I started applying some of the analytic tools I picked up in grad school. Specifically breaking down an experience into steps to »

The Metal

Life in the thorn city means that I have the option to go see live music. This novelty means that I also have the option to »

Gluten Free Strippers

The thorn city has no end of silly things to keep the un-jaded amused. This weekend while we were driving around fulfilling our consumerist destiny our »

Gypsy Spit

Although I didn't accidently offend a gypsy woman and get spit on, I'm certainly feeling the effects of going back on the diet. Thankfully, I'm not »